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this is sparksfly

Personal Social Media Management

Stop Missing Important Posts!

Bring your social feeds together in one beautiful easy to you app. #BeTheFirst to discover new fun posts. Tweet your new discoveries for a chance to win cool stuff!

  • Just help Sparksfly connect to your social networks one time. We’ll do the rest.
  • Each post is sorted to a single “card’ to help you focus. Flick up the cards to move to the next posts.
  • Create personal Routines automatically to sort your posts by keywords, people, or social networks.
  • Share or Update your posts to multiple networks at the same time.
  • Schedule posts or tweets for a later day and time.
  • Save important posts to Notebooks, directly on your phone.
  • Share posts to Evernote, Dropbox, Box and more by using the Share To Email feature.

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routine manager

Everyone’s routine is different. We get that. Sparksfly is an intelligent app that learns your routine.

The Sparksfly magic engine is based on “fuzzy logic” math stuff. It matches and prioritizes what content is seen from your feeds and when to display it.

sparksfly routine manager

Wait a sec… You can also create personal routines, too!

Example: I’m an avid cyclist. I want to create a routine that only shows my cycling friends from different networks but together in a single view. Sparksfly has you covered!

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Find Your Sparks!SM

Sparks sm are events, people, and opportunities that can be discovered in our many network experiences. Sparks sm might relate to health, finance, news, friends, shopping, family etc. Sparksfly’s uber-cool Spark Detector Engine looks at who, what, when and where to help discover these valuable connections. When a Sparksm is detected, Sparksfly lets you know ASAP. After a few days of using Sparksfly, you’ll notice a new “Your Sparks” Routine in your Routines list. Get ready, Get set, find your Sparks  !sm

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See something interesting you want to save for later. Put it in a notebook. It’s waiting for you when you return.

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Share everything

Our service lets you share photos, tweets, or status updates to multiple networks all at once.

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Build your routines

You can create a routine that only shows your favorite content from various networks but together in a singular view.

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Sparksfly screens

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What is Sparksfly?

For consumers:
Sparksfly helps people organize their social networks by their interests rather than by brand-centric networks.

For brands:
Sparksfly provides brands with an opportunity for targeted, consumer engagement. Favored brands become a part of consumer routines based on an individuals interests.

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What are Routines?

Personal “Routines” are custom filters you can quickly build to sort your feeds by social network, keywords or people. Think of it like this: Sparksfly’s default routine collects all your feeds in one combined stream. Kind of like having all your feeds together in a “shuffled deck of cards.” (Getting your feeds in one place is the important first step toward simplifying social.) Routines allow you to setup auto-sorting of your ‘cards” into smaller filtered feeds. Using the card metaphor, you could sort all your “face” cards to one “routine’ and sort all the “clubs” to another routine. Every time you want to just see clubs, pick the clubs routine. They are automatically sorted and ready for you to view. Start cutting your social noise with personal routines today!

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Quick How To: Setup a “Family” Routine

Create a “Family” routine that sorts and collects posts only from people you add to routine. Posts are collected from all your selected networks.

1. Tap the spark navicon to bring up your menu choices.
2. Tap Change Routine.
3. Tap Routines to make sure you’re in the Routine management section.
4. Tap +Add New
5. Tap Title to name the routine
6. Tap Networks to select which networks you want to include in this routine.
7. Optional – Tap Keyword, Type one or more keywords to use as sorting filters.
8. Tap People to begin selecting people to add to the routine. (Only people added to the routine will be included in this routine.) To add people, tap and drag the red ball to the left.
9. That’s it! Routines start filtering new content as it arrives. Give your routine time to work for you. Check back after a few hours or so.

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Why can’t I see Sparks?

The Sparksm AI engine is now active in Sparksfly version 2.5. It takes about 3-5 days of Sparksfly usage before it discovers your first Sparks. You will automatically see a new Routine called “Your Sparks” appear in your routines list. Spark type 0 the first spark released. It is the simplest type of Sparksm. We are working on releasing Sparksm types 1-7 in the coming weeks! Stay Tuned.

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Why can’t I get facebook to connect? (iOS)

Sparksfly requires iOS users to have facebook setup and working in their native iPhone/iPad Settings in order for it not to conflict with double attempts to you in. You may need to go to your Phones Settings>Privacy>facebook> toggle Sparksfly on/off again then close and restart Sparksfly App.

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